The list below is a group of organizations in the St. Vincent De Paul Society, an all-volunteer ministry, assists people in Norman with support, financial help or community resources.

Many of these organizations will require proof of residency. You may give them our contact information to confirm your tenancy with Alfaro Properties, LLC at 405.535.5519 or

NOTE: most of these organizations require you to call first thing Monday morning between 8 am and 10 am and most are on a first come first serve basis.

Utility & Rent Assistance

  • St. Joseph Catholic Church: 701-3693 * rent, deposit or utilities

  • St. Mark Church: 366-8070 * rent, deposit or utilities

  • St. Thomas More Church: 329-5372 * rent, deposit or utilities

  • Food & Shelter: 360-4954 * rent, deposit or utilities

  • Goodrich United Methodist Church: 321-0975 * rent only

  • McFarlin United Methodist Church: 321-3484 * rent only

  • Thunderbird Clubhouse: 321-7331 * mental health clients

  • Sanctuary Women’s Development Center: 701-8257