Thomas Sharp property manager of Alfaro Properties, LLC  successfully completed the Crime Free Multi Housing program administered by the Norman Police Department  and Chief Keith L. Humphrey on February 19, 2014.

NCF Housing Certification

Norman Crime Free Multi Housing Training Award


The Norman Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is by invitation only and designed to create partnerships with apartment communities, while having the common goal of reducing criminal activity. The certification process consists of three (3) phases. Phase I is an eight (8) hour management training course taught by police. Phase II is a security survey done by police using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles. Phase III is a crime prevention social organized by management and taught by both management and police. Upon completion of each phase, a certificate is awarded and displayed in a common area of the management office. After completion of all three phases the community will be fully certified. Full certification permits the right to post the Norman Crime Free Multi-Housing Program sign and advertise membership in the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program in the print media using the official logo. The apartment community will also be added to the list of certified properties which can be found on the Norman Police Department website. The full certification certificate expires every year, but the apartment community will retain certification if they hold a crime prevention social once per year.

Here is an outline of what the training involved:

Phase I – Management Training (8-Hours) Taught by Police

• Crime Prevention Theory

• CPTED Theory (Physical Security)

• Benefits of Resident Screening

• Lease Agreements and Eviction Issues

• Crime Free Lease Addendum

• Key Control and Master Key Use

• On-Going Security, Management Monitoring and Responding to Criminal Activity

• Gangs, Drug Activity, and Crime Prevention

• Legal Warnings, Notices & Evictions;

• Working Smarter With the Police; Fire and Life Safety Training